Cindy Crawford 3


Titulo: Cindy Crawford 3
Descripcion: Cindy's scene was supposed to be a beautiful debutant scenario where she was gently invited into the world of lesbian love by her costar Kimberly. Instead Cindy Crawford started screaming stop when it came time for her to eat some pussy and she started being a total bitch to Kimberly when Kim tried to go down on her. We were nervous filming it all because we know about Kim's temper! Finally, Kimberly had enough of Cindy's poor attitude and she really lost it! She started violating Cindy in the middle of the staircase... squatting on her face, throat-fucking her with huge plastic dongs and telling her how worthless she really is. The hatred was mesmerizing... our crew got so drawn in by it that they forgot to turn the cameras off. When we watched the scene later that day we knew we had stumbled onto some catfight gold and while we wish we could claim we knew it was going to be this good... the truth is sometimes the best lesbian hardcore comes about by accident!
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Duracion: 06:00
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